Fronteer of silliness: Milan Public Transport campaign

Sometimes I am astonished facing campaigns which it would be progressive.

The new ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi – the Milan’s Public Transport firm, who manage the underground too) campaign would be a “behavioural campaign“, according to ATM’s site. With this word, ATM wants to communicate that “A civility story is like a love story“. Very brief tales, with white words on an orange background (ATM’s brand color) which pours civic-minded content.

He let that old man with white hairs sit down. she smiled, stunned by that so simple gesture. and passing in front of him, she smiled to him newly with her eyes“… if you are not astonished by this kind of prose: “Some boys were scribbling the tram. both he and she intruded to stop them. then watched themselves and their hearts stopped for an instant“.

I am not wrong. After dots you don’t read words with capital letter. And pronouns and adjectives are distributed exactly as you have read.

Which kind of message could be spread by this campaign? We could meet love in our grey lifes, moving ourselves by bus, tram or underground. And the real love will blossom only if we will “remember to validate the ticket“.

Second: correct tales are matter for sms or twitter prose. Grammarly questionable  short phrases.

Third. I live in a town where we are enumerating a long list of problems: high proportion of old people, protests against rock concerts (defined “noise”), substantial curfew in some districts, prohibition to eat a kebab on the sidewalk, prohibition to eat a beer at the motor-shops (a type of truck transformed in mobile shop for sandwiches, beverages, and so on), increasing social complaint in our banlieus. Do you think any young boy will stop to paint graffiti (in my opinion graffiti is a form of art) after reading this kind of campaign?

Why a public transport firm don’t succeed in communicate itself?

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