The Constant Researcher began to work in market research sector early, when he was attending university, following some research project dealing with:
* social matters (i.e. socio-cultural impact of a firm established in an italian little town; cultural consumption, underground culture)
but specifically
* brand image reconstruction and measurement
For several years he was a free-lance researcher moving his activity to advertising tracking studies with mixed techniques.
He spent a year in Central America for a primary literacy project oriented to adults.
In 2007 was Research Director at Makno & consulting. In April 2010, he switched to CFI Group where he managed several large accounts’ projects (primarily Banking, Retail, Aviation & Airports). In October 2016 he switched to BlogMeter, The Social Media Intelligence Comapny. He leads studies for firms of several branches, mainly:

* Banking – Finance
* FMCG – Retail
* Home Appliances
* Media & broadcasting
* Automotive
* Luxury and life style
* B2B

He’s interested (and he’s working) in:
+ customer satisfaction
+ market segmentation
+ brand analysis
+ new techniques of survey
+ methodological advances

The Constant Researcher lives in a little town in nearby Milano (Italy, South Europe, Earth…) where he tries (quite hopelessly) to bring up his two daughters. At least he’ll rear them, without any other condition.

The image used for this blog comes from a masterpiece movie: L’Atalante by Jean Vigo, a guy we everybody owe to.

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