How research provides its own ROI – Discussing the change-over

globeI can’t hide I have a fondness for ESOMAR. Its mandate is quite well-summarized by the claim “Enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies”. So, promoting the industry does not involve to show its credits and knock its rough edges off. Promoting the industry means to improve it. I don’t want to discuss if it does happen or not… but, in times where paperboys way appears the only way to communicate, giving itself such a “plan” is a good starting point. Or not?

ESOMAR draws up its Global Market Research Industry Report, yearly. Data are a healthy outlook beyond national borders. Some of such data deserve a comment.
First of all, the industry shows first serious creaking; that’s so after a period when great research corporation seemed to be guarded against continual coming and going which are the daily condition for little agencies.  Absolute MR industry growth was 4.5% in 2008. If I was a journalist I could stick to such a fact which marks a growth, while global GDP did fluctuate around zero in any world area or stopped at 2% globally (ref. World Bank).

Other pieces of information are less encouraging. Inflation adjusted datum decreases at a cheerless +0.9%, with some notable regional differences (see below fig. 1): North America registers a curt -2.1% (adjusted), Europe lines up the average, while Latin America grows significantly (+13.4% absolute value, +5.6% adjusted; Latin America GDP grew 4% in  2008).

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