Trafficker’s rude furore (1896) – by Edmondo De Amicis


Edmondo De Amicis - Italian writer

Yes…. I’m quite lazy in this period… So I’m plundering that mine of wisdom of Giancarlo Livraghi’s site where I found this piece by Edmondo De Amicis… De Amicis is well known in Italy as author of (horrible) Cuore, where he painted a sweetened world where “goods” are polite, patriotic and honest and “bad” are cowards…

You can find the original version (in an antiquated italian from XIX century) at Giancarlo Livraghi’s page – here I tried a translation… I’m afraid you’ll lose the ancient aura of the languge… but I think you’ll find it interesting… And it confirms my opinion that “everything had been written yet“.

Well, De Amicis was a snob – if this word means anything – but it’s interesting to underline how he describes the process moving from an initial annoyance due to intrusiveness of advertising techniques, passing from a kin d of acceptance (Growing insolence, as often, minimized the disagreeable perception which had been produced by the first discreet appearance) to ends accepting the epiphenomenon of a society:

oppressed by the matters, crowd by whims, longing for clamour, hungry for pleasures, tormented by impatience, swept away by the fury to devour time and gulp down life


It was in that lapse, when my joyful studies were disturbed by  a vexation, brief but a strong one. In those times the custom of external advertisements aboard the bandwagons (tram – T’s N) was beginning and widening quickly. Those bandwagons had been overrun inside for a while: inscriptions and pictures painted on the windows, announcements of any form and color sticked on the ceiling and on the walls. They affected you like a peeving discordant buzz, as they demanded to crowd you with offers and invites to dress and to wear you, to lather up and perfume you, to make you change your house, to make you subscribe to a newspaper and undergo to a hydrotherapy… whatever the cost.

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