Crisis and market research

Good Geoff Ramsey,  eMarketer‘s CEO published a post onto his society’s site: Why Now Is Not a Good Time to Slash Your Market Research Budget.

Geoff  mentions some recent researches, among corporate marketing directors; and the landscape is  “a precipitous drop in spending for overall media and advertising budgets“. According to ANA – US Association of National Advertisers – 77% of firms is going to cut their advertising budget. According to AdMedia Partners, only a quarter of marketers would be planning a growth in market research investments, an equal percentage schedules a reduction.  According to Duke University Fuqua School of Business, in 2009, MR investments will increase 1,8% only. Data has to be wisely “pondered”: 1,8% is an average between willingness to increase (3,7%) in B2C activities and willingness to reduce (2,9%) in B2B ones.

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