GenZ and money: opportunities and risks for the financial world

You realise you've grown up, when the bank manager asks you the same question as your mother: "When are you recouping?" Matteo Grandi Generation Z is very much talked about. If you compulse social media in the last week, you will find 2230 mentions (considering Italian only) of this age cohort, which is the stone... Continue Reading →

Polls for lambs

In one of his best known works, Edward Bernays (perhaps the first spin doctor in the contemporary sense) explains that "the very essence of the democratic process is the freedom to persuade and suggest" and defines it as "the engineering of consent". He further adds: The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and... Continue Reading →

“The year we were everywhere” by mass retailers

A year ago, images of queues in front of supermarkets burst into a somewhat spectacularised narrative. Two aspects were completely overlooked. One symbolic and one substantial. On the symbolic side, I did not see any comments on a society which, although it had always made consumption (its abundance, maturity, diversification and even awareness) its distinctive... Continue Reading →

Why Eco was wrong (and very wrong)

Considerations on "Correlation is not causation" Lately I have been promising myself to avoid balance sheets (which is a very serious activity, not by chance carried out by professionals) and New Year's resolutions (an activity that I find mainly useless, often misleading, and I must tell you, even morally questionable). Some scattered readings have pushed... Continue Reading →

The biggest Deprivation Study

Reflections on doing market research in time of COVID19 The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge Daniel J. Boorstin Deprivation Studies are a research methodology initially developed among psychologists at an academic level, which aims to "prevent" an organism or a subject from benefiting from something it wants... Continue Reading →

Is DIY in Market Research dead?

In the last few delirious months of crossing and chasing each other of information on infections, hospitalisations and deaths for ("of", "with", "in conjunction with"…) Coronavirus, those who, like me, deal with data - their collection, their selection, their modelling and interpretation - have watched astonished at the peremptoriness with which conclusions were drawn (in... Continue Reading →

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