Why Eco was wrong (and very wrong)

Considerations on "Correlation is not causation" Lately I have been promising myself to avoid balance sheets (which is a very serious activity, not by chance carried out by professionals) and New Year's resolutions (an activity that I find mainly useless, often misleading, and I must tell you, even morally questionable). Some scattered readings have pushed... Continue Reading →

Ecommerce vs. shop – The world seen upside down

Baruffe chiozzotte in digital sauce There is an interesting aspect of the storm in a teacup that exploded with the invitation of Matteo Salvini (a politician in Italy) to prefer small businesses to Amazon for Christmas shopping. The interesting aspect does not lie in the communion of loving senses between a right-wing nationalist political leader... Continue Reading →

The biggest Deprivation Study

Reflections on doing market research in time of COVID19 The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge Daniel J. Boorstin Deprivation Studies are a research methodology initially developed among psychologists at an academic level, which aims to "prevent" an organism or a subject from benefiting from something it wants... Continue Reading →

Is DIY in Market Research dead?

In the last few delirious months of crossing and chasing each other of information on infections, hospitalisations and deaths for ("of", "with", "in conjunction with"…) Coronavirus, those who, like me, deal with data - their collection, their selection, their modelling and interpretation - have watched astonished at the peremptoriness with which conclusions were drawn (in... Continue Reading →

Giancarlo Livraghi – In memoriam

  When I came to know it, I held my tongue. I expected a jumble of comments by more or less known "big guns", however more appointed than me. After all, he was the "Livraghi" in Livraghi, Ogilvy & Mather (people who work in marketing industry should know what does it mean to have the... Continue Reading →

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